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may gabriel


and ceo

May Gabriel is an award-winning mental health campaigner. During her teenage years, May had several admissions into a psychiatric hospital after suffering from severe depression. At 16 she set up the It’s OK campaign, an award-winning mental health campaign that aimed to tackle the stigma around teenage depression, and at 25 she turned the campaign into It's OK, a charity with a mission of supporting young people living with mental illness. 

For the past 9 years, she has been a key voice on Student and Young People’s Mental Health in the media speaking on Radio, TV and Print on the matter. She was awarded a United Nations and UK’s Young digital hero award. In 2018 she was elected as the Sussex Students’ Union Welfare Officer and represented the welfare needs of over 18,000 students. 

May is LGBTQ+ and BAME and passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and has worked on the issues throughout her life. She lives in London with her partner and cat, Pippin. To find out more about her journey of setting up a charity follow her on Instagram at @itsok_may

Cat Prill
Content manager


Cat Prill is a digital content professional with experience in education, charity and arts sectors. They are an advocate for youth voices, accessibility, diversity, visibility and representation in content and are passionate about being a better ally for the young people.   


Social media 

Joshua is a mental health campaigner who blogs about recovery, addiction, and his experiences as a young man with chronic mental illness. He is 3 years into a psychology degree, and enjoys expressing himself by playing guitar, getting tattoos and dyeing his hair bright colours.

Lily Pembroke
web designer


Lily graduated from the University of Sussex with a masters in Social Psychology. As a carer for someone with mental illness, she is passionate about the cause of Its OK. Lily likes to design websites in her spare time and is volunteering for It’s OK to develop and maintain the website.

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