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history of it's ok

The It’s OK campaign was set up in 2011 by then 16-year-old May Gabriel to tackle the stigma around teenage depression. The campaign was initially set up to “create a place where young people could see that they were not alone – and to emphasise the importance of being open about mental illness”. Nowadays the campaign still seeks to support young people with Mental Illnesses through educational resources, campaigning for change, and through the blog which started this all.

When the It’s OK Campaign was set up, it was one of the first online blogs run by a young person who talked about mental illness. Now, things have changed and the online mental health landscape has shifted dramatically with thousands of accounts seeking to reduce the stigma around mental health and illness. Within this landscape, the It’s OK Campaign strives to be a hub of information, from first-hand accounts of various mental health issues to advice for those currently dealing with mental illness as well as their families and friends. With an ever-growing bank of resources, the It’s OK Campaign can be used as a tool to help everyone know that #ItsOK.

media and awards


  • Victoria Derbyshire Show BBC

  • BBC Radio 5

  • BBC Radio Sussex

  • Huffington Post

  • The Guardian (expert interviews)

  • BBC News (South East)


  • United Nations Happy Heroes award – Nominated by Artist Stuart Semple

  • TalkTalk Britain’s Young Digital hero award: The Mirror

  • Liberty Human Rights charity Christine Jackson young person’s award – shortlist

  • Mind Charity Digital Media award – shortlist

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