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may gabriel


and ceo

May Gabriel is an award-winning mental health campaigner. During her teenage years, May had several admissions into a psychiatric hospital after suffering from severe depression. At 16 she set up the It’s OK campaign, an award-winning mental health campaign that aimed to tackle the stigma around teenage depression, and at 25 she turned the campaign into It's OK, a charity with a mission of supporting young people living with mental illness. 

For the past 9 years, she has been a key voice on Student and Young People’s Mental Health in the media speaking on Radio, TV and Print on the matter. She was awarded a United Nations and UK’s Young digital hero award. In 2018 she was elected as the Sussex Students’ Union Welfare Officer and represented the welfare needs of over 18,000 students. 

May is LGBTQ+ and BAME and passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and has worked on the issues throughout her life. She lives in London with her partner and cat, Pippin. To find out more about her journey of setting up a charity follow her on Instagram at @itsok_may

marieke mollitt

head of communications


Marieke has worked in communications and marketing since graduating from Lancaster University in 2004. All of her roles have involved communicating with young people, from Children and Young People’s Services within Wigan Council, to working strategically within marketing teams for two top universities, Liverpool and Manchester. Particular skills involve branding, pulling together large-scale campaigns, and collaborating with team members to create the best possible results. She is passionate about mental health and wellbeing, and bringing this interest together with her comms expertise.

Marieke lives in Wigan, in the North West of England with her husband and two young children, and likes to cook, watch films, see friends and family, and go camping.


Content coordinator


Amy-Louise currently works at the charity Bliss as an Information and Content Lead, having previously worked for Macmillan Cancer Support. She is passionate about high-quality and accessible content and is excited to use her skills to shape and design content that speaks supportively and sensitively to young people who are experiencing moderate to severe mental illness.


Having had a diagnosis of BPD since she was 19, Amy-Louise has had a huge insight into the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding personality disorders. She spent a lot of her teen years blogging about her experiences, and now continues to speak openly and candidly about what she’s been through in the hope that others will feel less alone. She has previously volunteered with charities such as YoungMinds and The Mix, and completed the London Marathon last year in aid of Samaritans, a charity very close to her heart. She loves and loves to hate running, and also enjoys adding books to her never-ending to readpile!